Racking Inspection Checklist

Racking Inspection Checklist

What is a ‘Racking Inspection Checklist’?

The Rack Group utilize a pallet racking inspection checklist to ensure every aspect of a pallet racking frame is checked and any damage can be clearly logged and identified for future notice and warning.

With 40 years of pallet racking experience, we know what were talking about when it comes to your pallet racking inspection checklist.

When Should I Have A Racking Inspection?

Pallet Racking Inspections Should be carried out on an annual basis as a minimum requirement. If you have a large site, more frequent inspections are likely to be recommended as there is more chance the damage will go unnoticed and unreported.

Who Should Carry Out My Racking Inspection?

Not anybody can just pick up a racking inspection checklist and carry out a thorough inspection on their site.  Our team are experienced professionals with NVQ’s in pallet racking installations repairs which they must pass before being allowed to complete the pallet racking inspection NVQ. Our inspectors thoroughly meet the European Standards for pallet racking safety (EN15635) and therefore strictly adhere to SEMA guidelines. We challenge you to find racking inspectors more qualified than ours!

Our Inspectors are also subject to frequent audits to ensure The Rack Group standards are always met.

What Is Included In A Racking Inspection Checklist?

A pallet racking inspection checklist must include the location, component reference, a specific component area, and severity warning to recommend a time frame for a repair to take place. It should also have a section for further, additional information.

If I Get A Racking Inspection Checklist, Can I Carry Out My Own Racking Inspection?

The Rack Group are here to ensure warehouses operate safely, that’s why we created an association company Rack Training Ltd. Rack Training can provide you with either a one or two day course in inspecting pallet racking which will drastically improve your ability to inspect your own racking. Although you will still require a third party annual inspection, being able to carry out your own more frequently will enable you to operate safely, identify damage, be clear in how to action the damage you find. Finally, it also provides you the opportunity to spread any repair costs over a year, rather than just receiving a large quote every year after an inspection. Click here to see more from Rack Training Ltd.