pallet rack inspection

Pallet Rack Inspections… Why?

Pallet rack inspections seem expensive and unnecessary to some. Others don’t even know that by law racking needs inspection at least once per year by an external company… This lack of knowledge on pallet racking and the safety requirements that surround it has massive repercussions for those who ignore the requirements and more importantly those who work in and around it.

How do pallet rack inspections help safety on your site?

We liken a pallet rack inspection to an MOT on your car. We firstly pallet rack inspectioninspect the pallet racking for any damage or wear and tear (very much like on a car.) Any damage that is spotted is highlighted in a full pallet rack inspection report, which allows you to easily and efficiently attain quotes for repair works. Alternatively we can offer a best in industry repair service which can reduce repair costs by as much as 80%.

How do our pallet rack inspection differ from others?

Our team have installed, maintained and inspected pallet racking for a combined period of ell over 100 years. No other team in the UK is trained as highly as each and everyone of our site based staff. They have completed IOSH and CIEH courses on health and safety and also our very own NVQ developed for those working within the industry on the inspection, maintenance and installation of pallet racking.

When should I have a pallet rack inspection?

This really does vary and is determined buy a number of factors. We complete pallet rack inspections for customers from once a year to once a month, It really does depend on each and every site. If you would like to know how many inspections you require simply get in touch via our contact us page. We’d be delighted to help.

Can I develop my staff to spot damage?

Absolutely! We think this is the best course of action for any site. Rack Training Ltd offer a host of pallet racking inspection and pallet rack inspection trainingmaintenance related courses which train your staff to be as safe and efficient with spotting pallet racking damage as possible. Please visit to find out more.