racking inspection training

Pallet racking inspection training

Damage to pallet racking often goes unreported. This is one of the fundamental reasons the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 was set to ensure that pallet racking is considered work equipment. Therefore it must be independently inspected on an annual basis, ensuring any damage can be highlighted using a red, amber, green system and repairs can be made.

How can pallet racking inspection training help you?

The Rack Group offer the UK’s most highly trained staff to carry out inspections for our customers, but there is only one problem for the owners and managers of the warehouse. If damage occurs soon after an inspection and goes unreported, how are you expected to know it’s there? Rack Training Ltd, provide the industry leading pallet racking inspection training, as well as a range of other courses.

Our Trainers have years and years of experience in racking, and now they can pass that expertise on to you. This pallet racking inspection training course covers 7 detailed modules highlighting all the essential aspects of pallet racking safety including the components, system types, common hazards and the relevant legal requirements. The training also involves the instruction of use of Rack Training’s very own pallet racking damage inspection kit which comes free with every two day pallet racking inspection booked in 2016. The way we see it is, why teach you how to use tools that aren’t accessible after the training?

Once completing the course, your staff will have the skills, knowledge and confidence to frequently inspect the pallet racking and advise to what pallet racking is damaged, and what course of action should be taken to ensure safety.
Having your own staff carry out more frequent pallet racking inspections fundamentally increases the level of safety and understanding in your working environment. It also means that repair prices can be staggered throughout the year, rather than one big lump sum to pay every year after an independent check.

If you would like to learn more about Rack Training’s pallet racking inspection training, please click here. Our friendly team are always happy to help and give advice.